It's super simple for construction companies to connect their strategic goals in GoalCheck.In to projects in Procore:

  1. Your company admin sets up a Procore connection in Admin->Company Settings:

  2. Your company admin selects the Procore company to complete the connection:

  3. Goal Owners now have a space in the info tab inside their goals to create tasks in Procore.  
    Each task can be given a name, due date and assigned to a Procore project.
    Tasks linked to this goal will show up here and in Procore under the Tasks tool!


  • The ability to add tasks is enabled for Goal Owners and not to members of the goal circle.
  • Other members of the goal circle can view tasks and click on them to open them in Procore.
  • Goal Owners only see projects that they are authorized to create tasks in.

Disconnecting from Procore

  • Individual users can disconnect from Procore from their user settings page, available from the user's name at the top right of the dashboard.
  • The company admin can disconnect GoalCheck.In from Procore, which disconnects all individual users.
  • Tasks in Procore are not affected by disconnecting GoalCheck.In.